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Surfski downwind camp 22-25 july!

Three days paddling and experience creating

Lets Get Wet!

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We want to invite you here so you can explore our exciting surf environment. We have fantastic conditions for surfski downwinds. Most of the summer is normally windy and that gives us nice wavy experiences. Aterra arrange camps for surfski and kayaking in Sweden, South Africa, Gran Canaria, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain.

Quetions? Please mail us: [email protected]

Surfski models: Carbonology Sport Cruze, CS.Boost, CS Vault, CS Zest, CS Pulse, CS SS2 Boost and Zest.

The downwinds and the training sessions are subject to weather conditions and the level of the paddlers. We can never guarantee wind but normal conditions is windy.

Helsingborg Skälderviken Ven

How do you know if you have fun...
if you dont get wet!

We have many courses close to Helsingborg. And for all wind directions, shorter and longer courses.


Lets Get Wet!

Accomodation Surfski Experience

Råå Vallar Camping 7 km from Helsingborg

Lerberget Camping 3 km from Höganäs.

Jonstorp Youth Hostel and camping. 20 km from Helsingborg

Hittarp B&B; 5 km from Helsingborg.

Helsingborg Youth Hostel. City Centre

Grand Mölle

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2021 is the fourth annual Aterra Surfski Experience. The camp is about downwind and to give participants a great experience. We do practical sessions in the water mixed with shorter theory information, paddling, surf, downwind technique and safety. Welcome booking  and feel free to mail us questions: [email protected]