Surfski Camp Gran Canaria

Course, Training, Downwind 24-28 feb and 2-6 march.

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After many years looking for a great place to arrange Aterra surfski courses abroad we have now found the place.Las Palmas Gran Canaria. Course dates 24-28 feb and 2-6 march.

We can offer two fantastic surfski tracks. The first track is 22 km that can be split up in a 8, 15, 17 km. This is the track they use most, with easy transportation and easy access to all finish places. It works in N and NE winds. NE is the most common wind here. Further south we can go for a 32 km downwind. Also here you have several other options for a shorter session.

We also have the marina which is flat water where we can practice technique on a 1km track, and have flat water sessions. Outside the marina, still protected a bit from the ocean harbor you can have sessions for beginners in smaller waves for stability training. Outside the piers the waves get higher and higher the further out you go, after 2-3 km you can start a downwind. When it’s less wind and you want to play in waves there is a pier to play along with constant swell, the waves here are high and fast, a very exciting place to be in.

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The instructors . Esteban Ojeda is one of the 5 best surfskiers in Europe, he can take out the best elite paddlers for really hard sessions. Antonio which has fantastic knowledge of how to use the waves. Sara is another fantastic surfski instructor. In all we can offer six instructors for bigger groups. All of them elite surfskiers with many, many hours in big water.

All courses include shorter or longer downwind sessions and for the beginners also practicing in smaller waves and in’n outs. Normally the winds here are about 6-10 m/s and the most common winds comes from NE and N. This make the coast south of Las Palmas an ideal place for surfski downwinds. We can offcourse not predict the winds.

Temperature is normally around 22 degrees, and the water temp 20.

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Five day surfski courses/trainings:

Courses are in english.

Security. Our instructors are very safety conscious. We allways paddle in a group. If needed we have access to security boats.

We can offer participants everything from beginner skis to advanced elite skis. We offer a big fleet that can satisfy everyone:

  • Beginner. Carbonology Cruze Epic V8 och Carbonology Zest SS2(dubbel).
  • Intermediate. Carbonology Zest, Vault, Surf, Cruze, Carbonology Zest SS2, Fenn XT.
  • Elit. Carbonology Pulse, Flash, Surf, Vault, Zest, SS2 Blast, SS2 Zest, Nelo.

All courses includes shorter or longer downwinds. The courses includes paddling in a doubble with an very experienced instructor who can learn you the moves.This is the best way to learn to handle the waves.

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    Datum 2016 Kurstyp Lediga platser/10 Pris Euro
    22-26/2 Begginer, Intermediant 4 399
    22-26/2 Begginer kids and youth 4 360
    28/2-3/3 Downwind week intermediant and elit. 4 460

    Content Beginner Intermediant Elit
    Material equipment X
    Cary your ski X
    Choose right ski X
    Balancepractise X
    Paddle technique X X
    Acceleration and surf X X
    Self rescue X X X
    Surftechnique X X X
    Safety X X X
    Surftechnique advanced . X X
    Winds, waves and swell X X  
    Downwindpaddling X X X
    Included: Instructor, surfski, pfd, leash. 5 days of full paddling on flat water and in waves: courses, downwinds in SS1 and SS2 with instructor and free paddling if you have more energy. You can rent paddle (limited amount).


    More traning, fun and experiences.

    Mountainbike, we have through partners access to 10 mountinbikes taht you can rent. Exciting tracks close to Las Palmas
    One week membership in Royal Nautic Club (45 euro for two weeks) were you can find a big gym, 50 swimmingpool, jacuzzi, sauna and showers.
    SUP, Surf if you wanna play even more in the waves.


    We recomend following hotels:

    Apartment Urban Center 2*

    Low prize and very close to our base camp (less than 5 minutes walking), it cost around 45€ per double room without meal (there you have kitchen), just down the apartment you have some bars, restaurants and supermarket.

    Hotel Fataga 4*:

    In the city center, 10 minutes walking to our base camp, it cost around 42€ per person day in double room with breakfast.

    Hotel AC 4*

    20 minutes walking to our base camp, it cost around 56€ per person day in double room with breakfast.

    All hotells are in nice walkingdistans from the start och the camp.

    Flight, transport, rent a car. Eating out.

    You fly to LPA Las Palmas airport. Take the buss to Las Palmas station (20 min) and take a taxi (5-10 min) to the hotell. Rent a car, could be a good idea to explore the island some days, remember that it can take som time to find a parking in the city. Most convinient to rent day to day.

    In the city center and in the marina there are severall restaurants. The food is great and fresh. If you want to cook your self there are severall supermarkets in the city.

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