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Welcome to watch one of the coolest kayaksports. A surfski is a long kayak about 6 m wich we are sit on top of. They are fast and can come up to around 25-30 km/h. We who paddle these machines love the wave as the waves help us to get the speed so we hope for som nice wind. From the start to the finnish we constantly search for waves and looking for the fastest way. We often change our position and you will see hard fights through all the race. The surfski paddler is a fit guy or girl who love their sport, the atmosfair is cool and friendly, maybe not out there in the waves but you will meet some nice people when the paddlers cut the finnishline.

We wish you an exciting day.


Free entrance on both start and finnish. Best wiev of the start do you have on the pier in Mölle. Best wiev at the finnish line is at the beach Fria Bad in Helsingborg please look out for the racers as they are running up to the beach to reach the finnish line. Also you can follow the race from Viken Höganäs and Hittarp.

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Happenings under the race:

  • Try seakayak
  • Exhibition
  • Race report
  • More info soon about happenings

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