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Aterra Soca instructional kayak courses

We offers instructional kayak courses for the beginner paddler as well as the advanced kayaker. Our kayaking  lessons are designed to help beginners establish a base set of skills; intermediate paddlers gain confidence in their expanding skill set; and the advanced kayaker immerse themselves in perfecting various kayaking techniques and advanced open water skills.

5-day kayak course for beginners

SKILL LEVEL: beginner
DIFFICULTY: class I and II whitewater
START/END TIME: 9.00 am - 1.00 pm
DURATION: 2-3 hours per day

This course is for beginners or inexperienced kayakers. At this course you learn basic paddling techniques and learn how to properly use them in practice on the river.

This course provides both an introduction to kayaking and a solid base from which to move into more advanced kayaking. We spend about a third of this course on flatwater, we progress gradually to moving water and finally to class II whitewater kayaking.

Five-day courses give you the time to hone the whitewater kayaking skills you learn in the first two days and to move well beyond them by working on surfing, rolling your kayak and making river maneuvers on class II whitewater.

First day you’ll learn all about the kayak, all necessary equipment, and the language of kayaking. Safety and good judgment are emphasized at all times. You’ll be fitted with a fine, late-model kayak, and once outfitted with the necessary gear, move with us to the water. There you will learn all the basic skills needed to become proficient. We like to see you practice a lot after a good demonstration and brief explanation of when and where you might use a particular skill. You will learn: Wet exit, Proper posture and balance, Bracing Skills, How to turn a kayak, How to paddle straight, Correction or Steering strokes, Eskimo Roll

Second day. When we first hit the water, we review everything you learned the day before - just in case you forgot something (we expect you will). We’ll show you the basic moves required to have fun on rivers, and negotiate them wisely. You will learn: Peel Outs, Eddy Turns , Ferrying, Surfing, Carving Turns, Ruddering

In the following days of the course we work on carving turns, paddling in a straight line, reading rapids, and understanding the features present in every river – among lots of other skills. Tillbaka <---

5-day kayak course for advanced paddlers

SKILL LEVEL: intermediate
DIFFICULTY: class I, II and III whitewater
PREREQUISITES: wet exit, eddy turn, peel out, ferry on class I – II
START/END TIME: 9.00 am - 14.00 pm
DURATION: 2-3 hours per day

In this course we teach and refine the kayaking techniques, tips and skills needed to paddle a kayak safely and confidently on Class II and III rivers. We work on refining your maneuvering skills, including eddy turns, peel outs, ferries, self rescue and basic surfing. This course offers in-depth instruction to help you refine your whitewater skills and gain confidence in more difficult rapids. This course works on refining eddy turns, peel outs and ferries so they work on the more powerful water and smaller eddies found on Class II and III rapids. 

We start with some introductions and a short lecture, followed by a session on flatwater. This gives us the chance to look at your ability and paddling skills, then we moove to white water for the rest of the course. We start with refining basic paddle strokes, eddy turns, and ferry angles.

After a review of the basic strokes, including sweep strokes, forward strokes, draws, and braces, we introduce or improve upon some advanced strokes and maneuvers such as the gliding draw, bracing and edging the kayak. Then we head out to whitewater where we work on fine tuning eddy turns, peelouts and ferries concentrating especially on entering micro-eddies, peeling out into fast current , and ferrying across difficult jets of water. We also introduce wave and hole surfing.

Then we introduce advanced strokes, surfing, and more difficult eddy turns and peel-outs. We guide you through a gradual progression with plenty of time to practice and master skills before moving on to new challenges every day.

We spend about a third of this course on flatwater*, a third on class II whitewater and a third on class III whitewater. Participants must be able to perform eddy turns, peel outs and ferries in a kayak on class II whitewater. *Flat water on the river is always mooving water - it is a part of the river that flows slowlier. We are always mooveing downstream with the intermediat group - learning on spots with calm water (almost flat) and practising in mooving water. We always adjust the classes to the participants. If the group is bigger we have more guides to provide for safety and to give the group the possibility to split in half if in some point some people feel more comfortable than others and want to try bigger chalenges. Tillbaka <---

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